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Community is at the core of everything we do. We're not just a café; we're a hub where real life change happens.

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Serving Each Other

Local Businesses We Support

Lighthouse Coffee

Through our desire to have an impact, while serving delicious coffee, we chose to start forming a partnership with Sam, at Lighthouse Coffee.

Lighthouse Coffee source their beans from Myanmar. Their direct trade model helps maximize the profits for farmers. Through long-standing relationships, they help local farmers expand their growing potential and support holistic development in their communities.

Together, we believe in pursuing excellence not only in sourcing high-quality, specialty coffee, but also in every relationship along the way. We believe that everyone who chooses to drink our coffee as well as those who grow it, matter. Those who choose to support Lighthouse Coffee and Victory Coffee + Kitchen are also supporting community development around the globe.

For more information please visit: https://lighthousecoffeeroasters.ca/pages/about-us

Yellow House Farm

Working with Yellow House Farm began from our desire to serve sustainable produce.

Their farming practices work in harmony with nature, instead of trying to control it, by providing in-season produce. Working together not only means we are supporting their vision, but we are choosing fresher, more flavourful and locally-grown produce that also invests in our health.

Together we strive to provide certified organic, verticallyintegrated, no-till and bio-diverse produce, while supporting our local community and reducing the carbon footprint. We want to bring you delicious ingredients that prioritize health and nutrition.

For more information please visit: https://yellowhousefarm.ca

Estrella’s Deli

Not only is this one of our favourite places to eat, Estrella’s Deli currently supplies the meat for our Montreal Breakfast Sandwich. Wanting to provide our patrons with locally-sourced, quality meats, made it an easy decision to partner with them.

Mutually, we take great care and pride in the ingredients we source. We both love and care for our community, wanting to bring you the best.

For more information please visit: https://www.estrellasdeli.com/about-us

Serving Each Other

Community Outreach

We desire to serve our customers and community well. Check back soon for our future community events.

The voice of our community is important to us, and we want your input! How you would like to see us involved in our community?

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