Why We Exist

To provide intentional hospitality by Loving people through food and service.

1 Corinthians 13:13 NLT

“Three things will last forever-faith, hope, and love - and the greatest of these is love.”

Our Mission (What We Do)

We are a Faith-filled social enterprise with a focus on spiritual, social, and vocational mentorship for those experiencing barriers to employment such as those coming out of correctional centres and recovery programs.

Our Vision (What We Expect To See)

We will see Hope restored, honourable leaders developed, and healthy connections made in a thriving community. Together, we will support each other toward a life of victory.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are We Different?

At Victory Coffee + Kitchen we want to make an impact. We will see hope restored, honourable leaders developed, and healthy connections made in a thriving community.

The only way to ensure consistent, high-quality food, atmosphere, and hospitality, is by having happy, fulfilled staff that believe in our vision. And the vision we have for our community.

Each person is essential, therefore employees are invested in and mentored. We care about their development, whether they are with us long term or take their learned skills elsewhere.

Being a social enterprise allows us certain tax benefits. We do not pocket these benefits. Instead, we use this as an opportunity to be as generous with our pricing as possible.

This also means that prices may fluctuate slightly with the cost of food, but we aim to keep our costs low and affordable.

We will give 10% of our income to charity. 

We bring you the best, local ingredients, therefore we are working closely with local enterprises. These enterprises, our community suppliers, share similar values and goals for our community.

Together, we believe in pursuing excellence not only in sourcing high-quality, specialty coffee, and ingredients but also in every relationship along the way. We believe that everyone who chooses to eat and drink, at Victory Coffee + Kitchen, matter.

For more information, please visit: Our Community Page

We don’t take community lightly. We understand that authentic community is built brick by brick. Community is also a partnership and is only created by your involvement.

We want to hear from you! Please email us at hello@victorycoffeekitchen.ca with any comments or suggestions.

For more information, please visit: Our Community Page

The goal of our internship program is to employ and encourage individuals who have employment barriers. The internship program is designed to help provide a safe and nurturing environment. We want to identify and develop each individuals’ talents and passions. Our goal is to help them take an actionable direction toward their future career and personal goals.

For more information, please visit: Our Employment Page

Sustainability is important to us. We have adjusted many practices to ensure we have as little waste as possible.

Show Your Support

How Can I Get Involved?

Several things: visit our cafe for coffee, brunch etc., buy our coffee for use at home and follow us on Instagram to show your support. If you are a donor and looking to make a donation to our charitable causes, click the button below to donate now.

Alternatively, just tell people about us!

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